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Eric от 24 октября 2020 23:02
Hey there, I just found your site, quick question… My name’s Eric, I found after doing a quick search – you showed up near the top of the rankings, so whatever you’re doing for SEO, looks like it’s working well. So here’s my question – what happens AFTER someone lands on your site? Anything? Research tells us at least 70% of the people who find your site, after a quick once-over, they disappear… forever. That means that all the work and effort you put into getting them to show up, goes down the tubes. Why would you want all that good work – and the great site you’ve built – go to waste? Because the odds are they’ll just skip over calling or even grabbing their phone, leaving you high and dry. But here’s a thought… what if you could make it super-simple for someone to raise their hand, say, “okay, let’s talk” without requiring them to even pull their cell phone from their pocket? You can – thanks to revolutionary new software that can literally make that first call happen NOW. Talk With Web Traffic is a software widget that sits on your site, ready and waiting to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. It lets you know IMMEDIATELY – so that you can talk to that lead while they’re still there at your site. You know, strike when the iron’s hot! Click Here ==> to try out a Live Demo with Talk With Web Traffic now to see exactly how it works. When targeting leads, you HAVE to act fast – the difference between contacting someone within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes later is huge – like 100 times better! That’s why you should check out our new SMS Text With Lead feature as well… once you’ve captured the phone number of the website visitor, you can automatically kick off a text message (SMS) conversation with them. Imagine how powerful this could be – even if they don’t take you up on your offer immediately, you can stay in touch with them using text messages to make new offers, provide links to great content, and build your credibility. Just this alone could be a game changer to make your website even more effective. Strike when the iron’s hot! Click Here ==> to learn more about everything Talk With Web Traffic can do for your business – you’ll be amazed. Thanks and keep up the great work! Eric PS: Talk With Web Traffic offers a FREE 14 days trial – you could be converting up to 100x more leads immediately! It even includes International Long Distance Calling. Stop wasting money chasing eyeballs that don’t turn into paying customers. Click Here ==> to try Talk With Web Traffic now. If you'd like to unsubscribe ==>
Carissa Lumpkin
Carissa Lumpkin от 12 июня 2023 04:16
Hi, Are you looking for a way to generate more leads and sales for your business? I have a solution for you. This new AI-powered platform that makes it easy to create and track professional ads and social media content. With this REVOLUTIONARY System, you'll be able to reach a targeted audience, track your advertising performance, and optimize your campaigns for better results. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow your business. I'm excited to offer you $500 in Google Ad credit when you sign up for a 7-day free trial to TRY out this AMAZING Sytem. That's right, you can try out this system for FREE for a week and see firsthand how it can benefit your business. Sign up for here >>> I hope this helps you on your advertising for generating more leads and sales. Best regards Atto Smith 89 Rugby Street, TX 98789 ============== Click here to Unsubscribe
Francisco Warburton
Francisco Warburton от 19 июня 2023 15:17
Hi, Take back your time—increase conversions by an average of 14x. That’s what This AI can do for your Business or agency. This Revolutionary AI is a highly trained Artificial Intelligence that: - Generates your creatives - Uses proven design traits - Makes your life easier Plus: New Users get $500 worth of Google Ad Credits for FREE. Sign up today. Cancel anytime. Try 100% free for 7 days -> Cheers! Adam Smith 78 Road St, NYC =============== Click here to Unsubscribe.
Arleen Winkel
Arleen Winkel от 27 июня 2023 15:11
Hi there, We cordially present WebGenie, an unprecedented AI solution revolutionizing the process of website creation by providing pre-filled, meticulously curated content. With WebGenie, the arduous tasks of coding, content writing, design implementation, and translation are expertly handled by our advanced artificial intelligence technology, enabling you to effortlessly establish profitable websites. Moreover, WebGenie caters to individuals without any products or services to offer. Our platform seamlessly integrates numerous lucrative offers into your newly created website, allowing you to generate commissions for every successful sale. Unlock the immense potential for substantial financial gains through WebGenie by visiting the following link: Arleen Unsubscribe: If you do not wish us to contact you again, let us know here:
Darin Goebel
Darin Goebel от 4 августа 2023 00:57
Hey there, Do you use Google adwords for your business marketing campaigns? Today we are going to be creating a Performance Max Campaign Solutions 8 style!! If you have a business that you need to generate sales or leads, this video will help you create killer performance max campaigns step by step. It is the Ultimate Guide! ➡️ A performance Max Campaign will automatically test and optimize your ads for you, and even helps you out in finding your exact audience. I will show you the exact steps to use Google Ads to keep track of your leads (it only takes a few minutes to set up). Then I will go through the rest of the process for setting up the campaign– everything from the campaign name to the lead parameters. ➡️ Watch the video to learn everything you need to know about creating a Performance Max Campaign that generates the leads you need. Click here >>> Cheers Perry M 78 Road St, NYC =============== Click here to Unsubscribe.
Janessa Dulhunty
Janessa Dulhunty от 16 сентября 2023 21:38
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nths ⏳ Don't let this exclusive offer slip away. Make the smart choice for your website today. ⏳ Best regards, Rida Primesync
Danielle Simpson
Danielle Simpson от 15 октября 2023 00:38
Hi, We'd like to introduce to you our explainer video service, which we feel can benefit your site Check out some of our existing videos here: All of our videos are in a similar animated format as the above examples, and we have voice over artists with US/UK/Australian accents. We can also produce voice overs in languages other than English. They can show a solution to a problem or simply promote one of your products or services. They are concise, can be uploaded to video sites such as YouTube, and can be embedded into your website or featured on landing pages. Our prices are as follows depending on video length: Up to 1 minute = $259 1-2 minutes = $379 2-3 minutes = $489 *All prices above are in USD and include a full script, voice-over and video. If this is something you would like to discuss further, don't hesitate to reply. Kind Regards, Danielle

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